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Ai & BlockChain in ELX

ELX utilizes Artificial Intelligence to determine potential market movements. All orders and deals are concluded through blockchain-based smart contracts.


We have worked on these algorithms for years backed up with huge data over the years to enable precise market calculations. These have been built and packed into our Machine Learning software available for public use when a license is given.

Simple Ai Technology

Our AI trader can recognize trading patterns undetectable by human from a variety of inputs, including price and volume from exchanges around the world, news from various sources in multiple languages, macroeconomic and company accounting data, and more.

ELX & BlockChain

BlockChain technology, with its transparent and immutable recording and storage of investment transactions, holds the promise of greatly reducing these costs by capitalizing on public blockchains.

The future of these technologies in ELX

We build up a framework so that our AI traders can study how these various factors have interrelated historically, and learns an ensemble of tens of thousands of predictive models that appear to have predictive value, based on its study of historical data in the trading data. Thus, our AI trader can constantly learn and self-develop significant trading decisions.


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