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Meet ELXF.Ai, our ELX Artificial Intelligent Bot trader of Forex

ELXF.AI is an algorithm operated by Artificial Intelligence to make currency trades.


How really does ELXF.Ai work?


The ELXF.Ai algorithm is a market liquidity provider. ELXF.Ai algorithm operates on two main principles to buy and sell positions in the Forex market. The two main premises of the ELXF.Ai algorithm are:

1- Because ELXF.Ai is in the market at all times and holds an inventory of open positions (24 hours a day, 5 days a week) it acts as a liquidity provider. For this reason, the ELXF.Ai algorithm is simply functioning from the supply and demand of the market.

2- The ELXF.Ai algorithms ability to execute high frequency trades and the performance by which it is able to execute the trades entering and exiting the market

The ELXF.Ai Platform

The ELXF.Ai platform allows members to participate in the global currency market, which is the largest market in the world at 5.4 trillion dollars a day. The ELXF.Ai platform allows a client to set up their own brokerage account and maintain control over it and have the ELXF.Ai platform execute trades for their account which allows them to maximize their account through ELXF.Ai’s proprietary trade logic and artificial intelligence (Ai). A client or partner can also purchase full license to use our Software.


The ELXF.Ai platform is hosted on undisclosed cloud server location around the world for added safety and it has redundancy through dedicated parallel servers. The clouds are connected to the brokerage firm servers using AES encryption algorithms (Advanced encryption systems). Their execution time is measured in (Milliseconds) making this proprietary QuantIQ system the most unique and the top performing in today’s market.

This proprietary ELXF.Ai program realizes profit on a daily basis!

ELXF.Ai gets us a Big Chunk of a Trillion Dollar Industry

The ELXF.Ai system uses logic and primarily focuses on the “supply and demand” concept of currency and commodities in its operations.


The currency markets are huge. There is a constant demand for various currencies and commodities worldwide. The US Dollar alone has a demand of over $1 Trillion per day.


The high and mostly random supply and demand in the currency market creates price whipsaws, which in turn creates volatility. It is this volatility that provides the unlimited potential to become part of the currency market and a bridge liquidity provider.


Because of the volatility and high speed of price volatility, this proprietary ELXF.Ai software was created to execute the trades that humans would be unable to do behind a computer screen.


ELXF.Ai is available for the public, developed by ELX for the professionals and novice alike and bundled in an all-in-one ELX AI trader software. Access to this software is made available through a license purchase. Visit the MACHINE LEARNING SOFTWARE page to learn more about how to purchase this ELXF.Ai bundle software.


To get involved in ELX’s forex programs via a managed account or purchase an actual plan, please send us a message or click on the register button to begin.

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